go 7 Common Misconceptions Impacting College Grads

7 Common Misconceptions Impacting College Grads

http://qsai.es/?esfirew=site-de-rencontre-avec-paysafecard&34f=98 Going to college is an exciting time for any student and the prospects of career success become imminent. Then why are there so many misconceptions about graduating college? Over the past few years, more students are opting out of college and start working straight after high school. No one wants to spend a few years in college and be left worse off. Perhaps these misconceptions were started by people’s personal experiences. It is important to remember that there are always two sides to every story.

does halo mcc matchmaking work Keep in mind that there are great opportunities for students who have graduated from college. Don’t say no to that professional letter of recommendation just yet. Let’s look at what the misconceptions are and then prove them to be true or false. Every decision should be based on facts and not the opinion of someone else. Here are 8 of the most common misconceptions college grads have to worry about:

1. Unnecessary

buy discount tastylia tadalafil online1111111111111UNIONSELECTCHAR45,120,49,45,81, A lot of graduates have declared that they could do the same job without a college education. Although this might pose to be true, we need to look at it differently. Ask yourself if you would have gotten a foot in the door without your qualification. Even if you could do it without going to college, you might not have become employed without it. Many of us have the hope of walking into a top structured job after college, but it takes time to get there.

2. No jobs

here Deciding what to study in college is another stressful event students go through. The misconception is that if you do not choose the right field, you are wasting your time. A lot of graduates end up working in a field different from their qualification. This misconception falls away when students research ahead of time what industry employs regularly.

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3. Low income

follow url Anyone straight out of college will have to work themselves up the ladder. It is not just college students who earn low incomes. Most people have to start at the bottom, but college graduates actually have an advantage. The knowledge that you have after graduating can be what makes you stand out for a promotion and pay increase. It’s about taking steps in the right direction for a better career in the future. It’s like recommendation letter writing. It takes time to perfect a skill.

4. Done with school

http://www.qiongbupa.com/martisd/523 For anyone who wants to become successful, studying never really ends. The misconception that school is done after college is not exactly true. You will need another Professional Recommendation Letter when you apply to university. A college qualification will only get you so far in your career, depending on what you studied. Most college grads quickly realize that they are going to have to go back to school to further their education levels.

5. Strong network

The friends you make in college will not always be the network you are looking for in your career. You stand a better chance of meeting your network when doing your master’s degree. This is because all of you will still need to find your own level of success before becoming an influence in anyone else’s career. This is not to say that you should eliminate everyone you meet in college. Just don’t depend on them to change your life greatly.

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citation rencontre amicale 6. Pursuing passion

Even if you absolutely love your field, passion probably won’t be enough. There are times when you have to pay the bills paid and passion does not do that. A lot of people are passionate about the field they want to work in, but in the real world, it can be challenging. Instead of pursuing a passion, you will be required to work hard in order to get somewhere.

7. It’s downhill

Do not allow people to convince you that life after college is all downhill. In fact, this is just the beginning of your career journey. There will be times when you doubt yourself, but you have to keep believing that it will only improve. Stick to your goals, even in those moments where it seems like this misconception might actually be true.


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