source Things to Know Before Applying to Top Universities in UK and USA

Things to Know Before Applying to Top Universities in UK and USA

source site Are you considering UK or USA as your study destination? If yes, here are some points to know before preparing your application and sending it away for admissions to any of the top universities.

Study in USA

  1. Common Myths Busted a.  A majority of students still believe that the score of SAT/ GRE/ GMAT is vital for admissions in the USA. As a result, most of them refrain themselves from applying to U.S. schools. The truth, however, is that these scores are beneficial and make your application strong but they are not mandatory. What you might not know is that it is very much possible to study in the top 100 universities in the U.S. without writing any of these exams.

  1. In order to be able to make it to the U.S. schools, you need to apply a minimum 1 year in advance. There are no such criteria in reality. In fact, you may still apply for January intake. In case you are seeking an expert’s guidance, we recommend clicking here to avail the services of award-winning study abroad consultants.
  2. Mostly, the students are told that they need to have exceptional profiles and be among top scorers in order to avail scholarships on tuition fee. Sachin Jain, Managing Director at Girnar Global Study Abroad Consultants, however, reveals that some of their students scoring above 70% in class 12 have successfully managed to get scholarships wavering 50% of their tuition fees.

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Study in UK

  1. The students who have studied in CBSE/ ICSE/ Cambridge/ IB in high school can apply to UK universities without IELTS.
  2. If you’re considering UK as your study destination, it is better to do IELTS UKVI than simple IELTS.
  3. In case you’re targeting top 10 UK universities but have managed to score only 60-70% in Class 12, you can make it possible via university pathway programs. A remarkable thing about university pathway programs is that by pursuing these programs, you don’t waste your time or money.
  4. One thing that most of the study abroad agents fail miserably in telling prospective study abroad applicants is that there has to be a strong focus on Letters of Recommendation (LOR) and Statements of Purpose (SOP) in case you are serious in securing a seat in the universities of your choice.

source site Some Final Words:

rencontre femmes douala In case you are finding it difficult to gain admission directly into top universities in the US or UK, there is nothing to feel disappointed as there are pathway programs to USA and UK available from Singapore and even India. The institutions like HULT, Heriot-Watt, SIM, etc offer one plus three or two plus two years pathways programs making it easier for students to ultimately reach their study destination.


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