Diploma Insights for Prospective IB Students

Diploma Insights for Prospective IB Students We get tonnes of E-mails from both parents and students asking what is the use of pursuing an International Board (IB) diploma and if the students should consider doing the same. We, therefore, thought of answering this question through our blog post by throwing light on what IB is all about and what is it that IB students are typically made up of?

Profile of IB Students

click here Whenever you come across typical IB students, you would find them inquisitive, open-minded, well-rounded and most importantly, future-ready. Besides this, there are many other things as listed below that make the profile of IB students strong and highly sought after:

  1. One of the main philosophies of IB is to expose students to the outside world – by making them learn new languages and by opening them to a world of different cultures. In order to excel in your studies as an IB student, you don’t only have to be academically strong but also curious all the time.
  2. IB students are not only encouraged to think independently but also made to think from different perspectives. They are constantly encouraged to ask more and more questions.
  3. IB education imparts leadership training and time management skills to students, thereby, making them future-ready; all prepared to face the challenges life throws at them.
  4. IB is designed to help students discover their area of passion and develop a solid understanding of that particular area. Besides making them strong in the area of their passion, it makes them well-equipped with information about everything else- both related and unrelated to the area of their focus.  

go to link The reason many students feel motivated to opt for IB is the manner in which it is designed. You’ll never find any of the IB programmes simply study-from-the-textbook-and-succeed type of programme. The CAS requirements (creativity, action, service) make IB programmes much more than simple classroom learning programmes. Because students are required to showcase projects, it automatically engages them with people belonging to different walks of life.[uid]=298 Read Also: How much time should I give myself for GMAT preparation?

watch Still not convinced? There is a lot more. IB programmes are well known for making students expert at managing their time. Quite often, they are assigned projects that have strict deadlines. The objective is to help students learn the significance of prioritizing tasks when there are looming deadlines. IB programmes, therefore, make students learn the lifelong skill of prioritizing things in life.

Making a Choice: IB Certificate vs. IB Diploma

follow url Once a decision is made to pursue IB, the students next face the dilemma of making a choice between the IB Certificate and the IB Diploma.

Understanding the difference between the two will make things a lot easier for prospective IB students.

While the IB Diploma is what is generally referred to as when people talk about the “IB”, the IB Certificate is basically a certification of successfully completing a single subject that is offered by IB. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled in order to successfully obtain the IB Diploma.

When schools talk about the “IB Certificate”, they generally refer to programs that have been tailored by them and these programs may look similar in structure to the IB Diploma.

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Finally, IB education is for those who are passionate about learning new things in life and are guided by interests. Even though some people may find it demanding and time-consuming, it is worth all the efforts, with the results that are seen in IB pass-outs.

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