Is Falling Rupee Hurting Your Dreams of Studying in the USA?

Is Falling Rupee Hurting Your Dreams of Studying in the USA?

directory The sharp slide in the Rupee against U.S. Dollar over the past few months affects most of us but it is most unfortunate for Indian students overseas and students heading to studying abroad in the U.S. universities and colleges. The students have to spend additional money on their tuition-fee and housing, thereby, making it difficult for them to fund their studies overseas.

rencontrer des japonais en ligne If you are one amongst lakhs of students who plan to go abroad to study in the United States every year, even a small slide in Rupee can hurt your aspiration a big time. Agree?

my response Because inflation in our country tends to be higher than other countries especially the US, depreciation of Rupee is expected to continue. In order to make it easier and economically viable for you to accomplish your dreams of studying abroad, here are some measures that you may take to hedge against the risks:

  • It can help you cover a bit of the risk associated with falling rupee by investing in international funds like feeder funds. The future return for these India-based funds investing in funds internationally can be in dollars.
  • Those who are already studying abroad will somehow manage the rapid increase in expenses; the prospective study abroad applicants must, however, plan in advance taking future inflation and rupee depreciation into account.
  • It always works in your favor to conduct an expensive research and explore other study destinations like Germany, Netherlands, UK etc. You must make your choices wisely and not follow the herd mentality. Remember, your dream education might not lie in conventional study destinations. Furthermore, there are a number of universities and colleges in other study destinations imparting education that very well match the standards and opportunities of the US institutions but cost much lower.
  • Even if funding and scholarships are not easily available, there is no harm in exploring the option. There are a variety of institutions offering help for international students, depending on their profile, need, or a combination of both.

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  • Apart from tuition-fees, there are several others costs associated with studying abroad like traveling, living expenses, etc. A line of credit can help cover some of these costs as it comes handy in financial emergencies and is a lot more flexible than student loans as it charges interest only on the amount that gets used by you. You may easily get a limit of up to Rs 5 lakh with an option to use any amount from this limit. Also, there are easy repayment options available.