Gaps? Don’t Waste Money on Applying for Europe!

Gaps? Don’t Waste Money on Applying for Europe! The students interested in studying and settling abroad in countries like Australia, USA, UK are generally advised by study abroad consultants to make a choice of European Union countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, etc. in case they have gaps in their academic and professional profile. This is because the gaps make their chance of getting through admission and visa formalities in the countries of their choice bleak. The prospective study abroad applicants are advised to make a choice of EU countries as they offer cheap yet quality education and fall under Schengen visa. However, what they are not told is why the students should not be choosing these countries even if there are gaps. The points are as listed below:

  1. There are high visa refusal rates for these countries as well in case of gaps.
  2. Even if the students manage to get visas successfully, it’s definitely not easy to get permanent residency (PR) and students can’t even get a transfer to other countries.
  3. Language is a barrier in these countries and the international students may have to face a lot of difficulty in adjusting themselves there.
  4. After graduating from colleges and universities in EU countries, it still remains an extremely difficult task for students to find themselves a decent job.

here Thus, it serves no purpose for students to choose these countries as alternatives to popular study destinations. So, is there an alternative route for students with gaps?

go to link Mr. Sachin Jain, Director of Girnar Global Study Abroad Consultants, recommends Singapore as a study destination for these students who intend to settle permanently in countries like Australia, USA, UK, etc. However, the students need to gather complete information and follow the suggestions given below so as to avoid follies before making the choice of Singapore as their future study destination:

  1. The students must refrain themselves from applying to any of the private colleges in this study destination as it is a common practice for private institutions to make fake promises of giving students the transfer to Australian universities once they enroll with them. These promises never come true.
  2. The recommended thing to do is to enroll with universities in Singapore which have global campuses. For example, PSB Academy, Singapore University of Technology and Design and more.

meilleur site rencontre québec The reason students should consider making the choice of studying in Singapore universities is that it saves them up to 8-9 years of their career. There are easy visa regulations and these universities offer confirmed transfer to universities in Australia, UK and USA. Even more, when students apply for PR after completing their course in the study destination of their choice, their chances of getting the same enhance manifold as the immigration officers are likely to find them as serious students after looking at their profile. 60 sekunden trade Read Also: Singapore Pathway Programs: Fast-track Entry to Undergrad 2nd Year follow The last few words:

source link It is always better to take an informed career decision rather than having regrets later in life.

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