Is Studying in Cities like Ludhiana, Delhi, Bangalore a Good Choice?

Is Studying in Cities like Ludhiana, Delhi, Bangalore a Good Choice?

click here Even after holding the toughest entrance exams for admissions to the most prestigious institutions of the country like IITs and AIIMS, no Indian university makes it to the top 100 universities yet another time in the QS World University Ranking 2019.

como conocer chicos en una fiesta It deeply saddens me and hurts me to the core that Indian students despite being extremely hard-working students with caliber are exposed to an educational system that has no standing on a global platform.  This makes me question if they deserve any better?

site de rencontre goth punk Because only a very few get selected in IITs, AIIMS, IISC- a few institutes which occupy positions in top-200 club of World University Rankings and the remaining vast majority of students are denied admissions to decent institutions, should you just choose any random university/college in cities like Ludhiana, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh? My answer is ‘NO’.

mit schüchternen jungs flirten If the Indian education system fails miserably in proving you a quality education, why not look elsewhere?

source link In case you want an access to a system of education that gives you global exposure, complete value for your money, fulfills your desire of studying in a top-ranked university; why don’t you think about studying in a foreign university? go Read Also: Study Abroad: The Upcoming World Study Fair at Ludhiana

Not that I am here to promote foreign universities but my only concern is that each one of you in today’s digital and closely connected world requires a system of education that trains you to think critically, find problems on your own and network with people belonging to different backgrounds. And if the foreign universities can offer all this and a lot more, why must you not consider studying abroad?

where to buy nizoral 2 percent Yet another factor that makes me biased towards study abroad education is that it exposes students to a plethora of opportunities that help them gain work experience. Many of you would agree that it is a rare sight to see students working part-time or opting for freelance gigs while studying in India. Gaining hands-on experience and practical training is, however, considered to be the most crucial element of foreign education, thereby, laying a strong foundation for the future career of students.

Global Education: Financial and Geographical Constraints

Some of you might argue that there could be financial concerns or there could be a need to stay close to your families, thereby, making it difficult for you to consider the option of studying in foreign universities and as a result, gain an access to quality global education.

Now, if money is your concern and you’re told that studying abroad in a foreign university costs you fortunes, you must know this:

Pursuing a degree or diploma course in any of the private universities in India doesn’t cost you any less than a number of foreign universities.  The costs associated with studying abroad all vary depending upon the choice of your study destination.

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For example: Pursuing a bachelors degree in a highly reputed and well-known university like the University of Amsterdam, ranked 57th in the 2018-19 QS World Rankings, costs you only 6-7 lakhs per year.

The Coventry University in Singapore gives you a rewarding career opportunity to finish your Bachelor’s degree in just 15 lakhs and that too, in a time span of 2 years.

Similarly, top universities in France and several other study destinations charge you approximately the same amount of money. Talking about a famous study destination Germany, you just need to complete a foundation program of 18 months which may cost you 7.5 lakhs (approx.) and the remaining tuition-fee gets waved off completely.

Next, are you thinking about staying close to your parents?

Did you know that global universities like University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and Raffles University have their campuses in Chandigarh and Mumbai, respectively? Likewise, there are campuses of Instituto Marangoni and SP Jain School of Global Management in Mumbai. These institutions offer practical education that is not only research-driven but is also of great significance when you later start hunting for jobs in your career. Even more, you get an option to pursue a semester or more abroad in their other campuses. At the same time, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

see url Over to you-

It’s about your career- the choice has to be yours but this choice can only be made once. You must, therefore, make an informed decision as this choice is going to impact your whole career.