hombre soltero casado What makes Istituto Marangoni a Mecca for Fashion Enthusiasts?

What makes Istituto Marangoni a Mecca for Fashion Enthusiasts?

Read Full Article Do you dream of living fashion as protagonists and make your mark through the artistic expression of your most creative and innovative self?

http://emilymarchblog.com/maglayd/3472 It is with this dream hundreds and thousands of students from over 100 countries of the world join one of the ten Istituto Marangoni schools across the world to prepare themselves for a future even more globalized and to expose themselves to rich professional opportunities.

rencontre femme 23 Istituto Marangoni started with a mission of allowing participant’s knowledge and full comprehension in the year 1935 has since then been encouraging participants to follow the modern and compelling approach of education. The institute boasts of 8 capitals located in the heart of the fashion, art and design capitals of the world- Firenze, Paris, Milano, Shanghai, Mumbai, London, Shenzhen and Miami.

conocer personas en lГ­nea This institute happens to be an excellent choice for those who wish to enhance their talent and take their fashion creativity to a different level. There are variegated reasons for you to consider studying at Istituto Marangoni, the institute that works on the principle of transforming its students to a level that they become the distinguished personalities in the world of fashion.

  • All the programs are conducted by extraordinary lecturers who are flown from different capitals of this institute to share their expertise and knowledge. For instance, the Mumbai capital of Istituto Marangoni has more than 50% of its faculty traveling from outside India to train its students.
  • After decades of training the students, the institute opened its door to the world outside in the year 2000. Notably, a majority of alumni of Istituto Marangoni are leading names in the industry. In case you didn’t know, Giovanni Luca Valentini (Head Designer, Furla) and Valentina Modica (Senior Product Manager, Louis Vuitton) are just two of the celebrity designers who happen to be alumni of this top-ranked institute for luxury fashion.
  • One of the reasons the participants studying in this school make an astonishing progress in just a short period of time is the small number of students per class which are limited to just 20.
  • While there are short courses offered as the perfect ‘taster’ besides regular undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, there are executive short courses giving participants a chance to advance themselves in the area of their specialization. A list of executive courses being offered by this school includes ‘Luxury Fashion for Professionals’, ‘Bridal wear Design’, ‘Fashion Buying for Professionals’, ‘Visual Merchandising for Professionals’, ‘Digital PR for Fashion Professionals’ and ‘Interior Design for Professionals’.

click here for more info A majority of students after learning about the rich and vibrant history of this school, often, feel inspired and motivated to pursue the field of their interest at Istituto Marangoni. A lack of information and knowledge, however, discourages them from even sending their applicants to this institute of excellence.

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For them, exorbitant fees and tough application process based on the results of competitive exams become obvious reasons to give up on their dreams and study elsewhere. The truth, however, is that the tuition fee of an undergraduate programme costs approximately 8 lakhs per year in Marangoni’s Mumbai campus and about 19-20 lakhs per year in Milan school which is certainly not as high as expected to be.  And the school doesn’t base its decision of admitting students depending on the scores obtained in any competitive exam. What is of paramount importance and actually holds significance when seeking admission to Marangoni schools is your passion, a little portfolio and a convincing essay about you. The students who manage to get inside there are the ones who are able to demonstrate a true sense of passion and purpose.

Another extraordinary offering by this institute is its industry-specific programmes- designed and tailored according to the needs of a business. These programmes aim at training the employees of a fashion house, brand or a business.

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