watch Our List of Study Abroad Destinations for Studying Literature

Our List of Study Abroad Destinations for Studying Literature

go here If you’re fond of studying literature and want to pursue your career in this field, you’ve landed yourself at the right place. There some lesser-known heritage destinations honored by UNESCO that happen to be great study destinations for students interested in studying literature.

passion online dating site Our list of UNESCO approved ‘Cities of Literature’ that make perfect choices for studying literature is as given below:

1. Melbourne (Australia)

click The universities in this city offer a number of reputed and well-known creative writing and literature programs. By studying in this place, you gain tremendous exposure in the field of your work. This place boasts of biggest publishing network in the country. Even more, the city hosts a vast number of literary festivals every year and that too, on a large scale.

2. Granada (Spain) This beautiful region of Spain attracts tourists, book-lovers and students from different parts of the world. The entire place reflects a history of literature and there is a beautiful calligraphy etched into a number of walls and doorways. This form of literary art has been termed as ‘Alhambra’. The art is a visual treat indeed and is an inspiration for many learners. Another reason people throng this place is that of the ‘International Poetry Festival’ held every year.

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3. Dublin (Ireland)

black gay dating atlanta This city has produced quite a many famous writers and has made immense contributions in the field of literature. This place is a perfect choice for anyone who is serious about learning literary arts. There are abundant study choices available in this place and you can choose subjects depending on your liking and interest.

4. Dunedin (New Zealand)

citas en linea caja de seguro social panama This place happens to be a famous study abroad destination, especially, for literature students. The Centre for the Book located in this city highlights various literary traditions that are followed within the country. Even, the inhabitants of the city are experts in storytelling and known for their literary work.

Being a famous study destination, there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing a program of your choice.

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5. Reykjavik (Iceland)

This lesser-known study abroad destination happens to be not only a great tourist destination but also a destination for literature enthusiasts as this city has also been recognized as the City of Literature by UNESCO. This city boasts of unique and strong cultural and literary heritage making it an appropriate place to explore the field of literature. A publishing event ahead of Christmas is organized in this city where a lot of books are released to mark the celebrations.

Finally, by studying a semester or more in any of the destinations given above you expose yourself to the best in the world of literature and can, therefore, la a strong foundation to the career of your dreams.

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