site here Quiz: Are you unlocking your full potential?

Quiz: Are you unlocking your full potential? Do you believe in living up to your full potential? Does the idea of working hard to improve yourself on a daily basis fascinate you? And, are you one among those who believe that learning is a lifelong process and it has got nothing to do with age?

navigate to this site If yes, it might interest you to know whether you are making any progress learning new things or not. It will help you to learn how to evaluate your growth so as to know if you’re in the right job and also to know if you are unleashing your true potential. The evaluation is important so as to know if you are on the right track or if you would be better making a change. In order to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of questions which you may simply answer as “YES” or “NO” to learn if you are making an optimal use of your potential and the areas where you need to improve.

  1. Do you continually seek different and new methods of learning to expand your skill-set and improve your knowledge and expertise in the field of your work?
  2. Do you believe in working towards growth and getting better at what you do?
  3. While working, does it ever happen that you tend to get so much engaged in the work that you lose track of time and everything else around you?
  4. Do you love being challenged in the areas of your work and you tend to get bored if it doesn’t happen so?
  5. Do you get satisfaction and joy out of your work? Or, there is a feeling that you could be doing something better in your life.
  6. Whenever there is a moment of failure or disappointment, do you look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow or do you tend to crib?
  7. Do you believe in asking for feedback and suggestions so as to work towards improving yourself?
  8. Have you got a mission in your work and vision of what you would like to do in a few years’ time?

saludcoop citas por internet cali Now, how many “YES” did you manage to get?

original site If you answered yes:

6-8 Times

You are in love with your work and you are maximizing your potential. You know what you are doing, you have a growth mindset and you are paving your way towards success. Bravo!

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3-5 Times

You’re not using your full potential. You could be having certain key ingredients required for growth and success but you need to work on more things. It could be that the environment in which you work is not favorable to your growth and learning or it could be that you’re not in the right job role. Whatever it is, you need to figure out things at the earliest possible time so as to make the best out of available opportunities. Remember, you need to be proactive about reshaping your career. You need to challenge yourself to keep going ahead and continue scaling heights in your career.

0-2 Times

It’s time for you to get a reality check. You are either bored or frustrated with your job or you are in the wrong job role. Maybe, it’s time for you to change your career and think about finding your true passion and something fulfilling.  Changing jobs/ careers might not be easy, but it’s not something that is not possible either. It’s just that you need to re-think and carefully draft a strategy that will help you maximize your potential. What you must always remember is that there is no need to accept a mediocre career. Every individual is unique; everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. The secret lies in identifying yours strengths, working hard to sharpen your skills in the areas of your strengths so as to be able to make unique contributions in the field of your work.