Study Abroad: Will it help you to retake ACT or SAT?

Study Abroad: Will it help you to retake ACT or SAT?

rencontre italie allemagne Did you sit for the ACT or SAT hoping to ace the tests? But, is it that the results you have got are not unfortunately what you expected?

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hop over to this web-site Most of you in given circumstances would want to take the tests again. But is it really going to help you especially when you don’t have a lot of time in hand? Are you wondering what is the right thing to do? It might help you to consider the points given below before taking a final call:

1. What are your goals and aspirations?

meilleur site rencontre catholique Before you assume that you underperformed, you must know that underperformance is a subjective measure and it varies largely from one student to another. Comparing your scores with a few others is not going to help you. You need to focus on your goals and then analyse how far you’re from reaching your ultimate goal.

a knockout post Honest answers to questions listed below will help you understand if there is any scope of improvement in case you decide to retake the tests:

  • Did you give your best shot or the chances are that you were under some influence?
  • Were you well rested before the exam?
  • Do you think a mere revision of some basic concepts and study material could help you improve your score?

site de rencontre sУЉrieux au quebec In case you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions given above, retaking the ACT or SAT seems to be a good choice.

2. Do you require additional resources for improvement?

visit here If you are considering taking the tests again, it is certainly because you’re aiming for a better score. If the reason last time you couldn’t achieve the desired score is that you were not in a right frame of mind then you don’t need access to any additional resources to improve your performance next time. This is a reason strong enough to give yourself another chance. However, if you need expert guidance, coaching or more study material- it will demand a lot of time, money and energy investment. You might, therefore, want to think again about retaking the tests.

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Of all the factors, time is one such factor that you need to pay attention to closely. While you may not have a problem with spending more money, you definitely can’t buy time in case it is time that you need the most to prepare harder and improve your score. With only a few weeks to go, you can’t practically manage a major score increase in case there is a need to focus on too much learning.

3. Score Analysis and Investigation

Does the investigation of your score reveal that a few silly mistakes you made if avoided could boost your score? In case working a bit on your weak areas can help you achieve the score you need to get into your preferred institutions, why would you not want to take a second test date?

In order to make an informed decision and be realistic about your goals, you can refer to “SAT & ACT Scores” section under “Applying” tab on the websites of the colleges that interest you. This will help you compare your score to the average score of the institution you’re considering to apply for.