Tips from Admissions Experts on Making Your College Application Standout

Tips from Admissions Experts on Making Your College Application Standout The college applications are on the rise and there is a tough competition out there.

go to this website Every student dreams of getting into the best college in the field of his choice which is not possible due to a limited number of seats. Then, how is it that you can maximize the chances of your college application getting accepted.

visit this site right here According to Ayush Jain, Study Abroad Consultant at Girnar Global, “The success of a college admission application lies in writing your own story- genuine and convincing.” He further adds, “What the admission officers are genuinely interested in looking at is your passion for something in life and how you developed it to create interesting opportunities for your career.”

navigate to this website “You don’t have to confine yourself to the boundaries of your school while exploring the area of your passion. The goal should be to push beyond what the school may offer you”, adds Sachin Jain, a famous study abroad consultant.

apprendre a flirter video Besides demonstrating your passion, there are several other things that you may do to make your college application stand-out and they are as listed below:

1. Take your recommendations seriously You must pay a lot of attention to the people whom you are going to ask to write a recommendation. The colleges take the recommendations very seriously and typically spell out their preferences in the application instructions.

browse this site Because the admission officers use recommendations as a valuable source of understanding the prospective students, the recommendations should ideally come from teachers who have taught you more than once or you may even ask for a recommendation from your counselor.

2. Build a strong academic foundation

The grades are extremely important part of your college application but what the schools are even more interested in looking for is how much able you are of challenging yourself. They want to know if you believe in diversifying your profile and expanding your horizons.

By planning ahead of time, you can build a strong academic foundation on the basis of which you can take advanced courses to demonstrate your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills along with your ability to challenge yourself and face the rigors of college life.

At the same time, you must not overdo by taking too many advanced courses as it may backfire.

Remember: Even if your extra-curricular profile is exceptionally strong, you must not slack on your studies.

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3. Think about the activities off-campus

There are abundant choices available off campus and you never know which one may spark your interest in doing something unusual and non-conventional.

You can write about your experiences off campus in your essays to reinforce your interest in doing something off the track or to reflect your human nature in case you have been volunteering or doing something for the society. Regardless of your interests, you can always give back to society by making contributions to the community. You may even consider pursuing a part-time job. A job will help you expand your skill-set, gain responsibility and add to your profile.

4. Show your interest

You must make all the efforts to demonstrate your interest in studying the school to which you are submitting your application as “demonstrated interest” plays at least some role in the admission decisions. Visiting the school campus can be one of the things that you may do to demonstrate your interest. Besides, you may start engaging with admission officers online and participate actively in the online activities that are conducted by the school.